How To: Maximize SketchHeroes

Maximize SketchHeroes can be a very useful website for artists at every level.  As a beginner, one can watch any of the thousands of tutorials we have available.  One can adjust the speed of the tutorial as you go along.  Feel free to watch the video as often as necessary, or just pause it whenever needed.  Sometimes your best bet is to draw the same drawing a couple of times as each time you are bound to improve.  For the intermediate and advanced artist, they can watch tutorials as well and learn from the experts.  They can also post their own tutorials.   Posting their own tutorials can have two benefits.  First, it can teach others how to draw whatever they choose.  However, the artist can also choose to ask more experienced artists for advice to use on their future drawings.  SketchHeroes allows their users to create profiles and become friends with one another.  They can watch their friends' videos, ask for tips, or just talk about completely unrelated topics.  There are many ways SketchHeroes can help out artists on any level, and I suggest you check it out to see for yourself...

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